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Below are additional resources to help you “VOTE for LGBTQ Health!” on November 3, 2020

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You may read the full press release here and right click to download posts to support VOTE for LGBTQ Health. These posts can be used on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. Further their reach with the hashtags: #VoteLGBTQHealth and #VOTEHealth.

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Let everyone know that you Vote for LGBTQ Health by using this 2020 Vote for LGBTQ Health Facebook Frames. 


Below are social media posts that can be adapted for your own messaging.

  • The National Coalition for LGBT Health launched a “VOTE for LGBTQ Health!” campaign to provide education on #LGBTQ #health issues and encourage #voter registration and LGBTQ voter turnout for the Nov 3, 2020 general election. #VoteforLGBTQHealth #VoteHealth2020


  • Less than 50% of LGBTQ voters participated in the 2016 election. Learn how you can VOTE for LGBTQ Health on Nov 3, 2020! Visit #VoteforLGBTQHealth #VoteHealth2020


  • #LGBTQ voters are a diverse bloc, with one-half identifying as #Democrats, 15% as #Republicans and 22% as #independents. Regardless of your affiliation, visit to get informed and VOTE for LGBTQ Health! #VoteforLGBTQHealth #VoteHealth2020


  • Access the VOTE for LGBTQ Health! Campaign’s LGBTQ Health Issues Guide at to learn where the candidates stand on health care, HIV, discrimination, justice and equality, transgender rights, civil rights, assault and harassment protections, and more. #VoteLGBTQHealth this Nov 3!


  • Nearly 1 in 5 eligible #LGBTQ persons are not registered to #vote. Learn how you can VOTE for LGBTQ Health! at #VoteLGBTQHealth #VoteHealth2020


  • Show that you #VotedLGBTQHealth with the virtual “I VOTED for LGBTQ Health 2020” sticker. Download at #VoteLGBTQHealth #VoteHealth2020


  • Show that you VOTE for LGBTQ Health! with the #VoteLGBTHealth Facebook Frame:
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