Education & Training

The Coalition is committed to educating healthcare providers and consumers about LGBTQ+ health issues.

SYNChronicity 2020 – GOING VIRTUAL

The National Coalition for LGBT Health, HealthHIV, and HealthHCV, with the guidance of a diverse planning committee, present SYNChronicity 2020 (SYNC 2020), the premier conference on HIV, HCV, STI, and LGBTQ+ health. SYNC 2020 will virtually bring together medical professionals, service providers, government officials, and health advocates to sync effective approaches to address HIV, HCV, STI, and LGBTQ+ health in the changing and dynamic health care landscape, with a focus on underserved racial/ethnic minorities and LGBTQ+ communities.

LGBT Health Training & Certificate Program™

The National Coalition for LGBT Health's LGBT Health Training and Certificate Program™ is a professional development offering for clinical and allied health care providers and support staff to cultivate new skills and gain critical knowledge to enhance the delivery of quality, culturally competent care to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender consumers. This training and program receives yearly accreditation.

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