About Us


The Coalition is committed to improving the health and well-being of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals through federal and local advocacy, education, and research. The Coalition strives to address the entire LGBT community, including individuals of every sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, race, ethnicity, and age regardless of disability, income, education, and geography. The Coalition is an initiative of HealthHIV, a national nonprofit focused on health equity.


The Coalition’s vision:

  • Change public and private sector policies, laws, and regulations regarding LGBT health and related issues;
  • Increase resources to expand culturally competent health and social services delivery to a diverse and inclusive LGBT population; and
  • Build and disseminate knowledge regarding LGBT population’s health status, access to and utilization of health care and other health-related information.


The Coalition values:

  • Eliminating health disparities that occur based on sexual orientation, gender identity and presentation, gender, race/ethnicity, education or income, disability, nationality, geographic location and age; and
  • Deriving its power and legitimacy from its membership and is committed to working on partnerships and in consultation with its members in carrying out its work.


Name Title Telephone Email
Scott Bertani
Director of Advocacy 202.232.6749 scottb@healthhiv.org
Circe J. Gray Le Compte Director of Health Services Research & Evaluation 202.232.6749 circe@healthhiv.org
Brian Hujdich Executive Director 202.507.4725 brian@healthlgbt.org
Chris Rothermel Director of Operations  202.507.4729 chris@healthlgbt.org
Michael Shankle Director of Advocacy and Education 202.507.4730 michael@healthlgbt.org

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